chad has been meeting with a friend and giving him painting lessons. they have recently begun working in oils. this is stephen's first oil painting...i think it came out pretty swell! what do you think?

vellum and charcoal.

we decided to add a listing for charcoal portrait sketches...perfect gift, sweet price!

charcoal sketch. 8x10 inches on vellum. Etsy.


welcome back!

we have re opened the etsy shop and i am happy to say that we are a team again! chad will still be involved in the gallery and his upcoming shows, but he has decided to offer his popular portrait listings on etsy once more. we removed the photo listings, misc items, and paintings. we decided to concentrate on portraits....silhouettes and watercolors. hoping to add an oil listing in the future...but for now we will stick with what we had for portrait listings. be sure to visit the shop,