wow! i just came across a site that takes care of everything for you. you simply supply the files and prints can be ordered as cards, canvases, posters, laminates, or photo mounts with all the work done by them. oders have picked up for me on etsy. i have been so busy printing, packing, and shipping this week. plus, i'm not making much profit for all the labor. this sounds too good to be true, so i signed up ;) if it works then that would be super...of course, though they don't have fees i pay them...they do keep about 2/3 of the sale...on the other hand, i'm not laboring and spending my profit on fees and supplies. maybe etsy for all my originals and redbubble for my printwork? though my photos and cards have started selling on etsy...hmmm. for now i'm gonna leave off ebay and juggle etsy and redbubble. stop in and ck it out!

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