study in wc.

tonight was art night. chad set up a shoe still life for the kids to draw. i broke out the watercolors and sketched with paint and water. the kids picked some of the hydrangeas under the kitchen window earlier. i brought them down off the window sill and painted from life. i didn't manage to finish but i am happy with the study. i snapped a picture and will probably revisit it again. the kids had fun sketching chad's dress shoe but everyone was a bit tuckered tonight. here are the fruits of our labor. my watercolor study, the angle i sat at is looking down onto flowers more...

mr. dress shoe

charlie's shoe.
charlie is 4 and chose the graphite stick to draw with.
he says the rubbing is the shoe going 'thru the scanner'.

cosette's shoe complete with faeries and flowers.

this is kendall's shoe.
chad is trying to teach her to draw what she sees and not a shoe.

chad's sketch.

chad's shoe was used mainly to point things out to kendall. he and kendall both were very sleepy tonight. concentration came hard.

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