bookmark giveaway.

bookmark design.
the tree that grew love.
2.5 x5 print.
you could have this paper bookmark FREE! just comment on this post...tell me what you think and why. leave your contact info. i will pick a winner from those who post on saturday. sweet!


lostsentiments said...

dah! you are doing a giveaway of this lovely creation!?! of course I am going to comments! :-D I'm a sucker for trees and you created one I hadn't seen before - endearing and lovely - thank you for sharing your talent with Etsy! :-) Best of luck everyone with the giveaway!

Quilting Diva said...

that is so pretty and original. the tree is gorgeous and the sky is the blue that makes me think of a perfect summer day!! beautiful :)

Oceanside Creations said...

Great bookmark! Very unique and I love it

Cristen said...

Oh, it's beautiful! It reminds me of a painting a friend of mine had done a long time ago. The design is timeless. The colors are so incredibly vibrant and it is obvious that the layering was done with great care. I absolutely love this bookmark! Your artistry is fantastic! It would be a great asset to anyone's favorite novel. I can envision someone sitting on the beach on a crisp afternoon, thoughts absorbed in the pages of Pride and Prejudice, holding onto this bookmark and waiting for Mr. Darcy to finally embrace his love. Just imagine! Thanks for letting me post. Keep creating!


Aik said...

Awww...It's cute! I absolutely love HEARTS and here it is, a tree full of hearts! I'm sure you made it with a special ingredient:LOVE!