started a small oil painting today. maybe i will finish this i have said before, i can paint but it is not my 'thing'. above is the photo i took of the lovely little japanese vase my daughter bought for me. i really like the intersection of the lines and planes in the picture. not sure if i will complete the background or leave it brushy and abstract. my husband opts for the later. below is my hour's work. i'm not a fast painter. i tend to layer and spend too long on the underpainting.

painting aside, i updated the studio space. i ran out of paint and will need to get more to do the trim and buy another color to repaint the ceiling. i am debating whether or not to repaper the wall leading into the back bathroom but with a 'zero' budget, a fresh coat of leftover paint went a long way!

if i do repaper, i want to use some of my vintage wallcovering and will need some paste. the paper coordinates well with the paint color. the have the same shade of green. yes, the floor needs replacing.

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